Ace of Games is a family based business located in Hamilton, Ontario. We have been in the Gaming and Entertainment Industry for over 10 years. We have worked for some of  southern Ontario’s largest entertainment companies. In 2009 we decided to spread our wings and create Ace of Games. Our mission is to make your special event a memorable and lasting experience. No questions asked!


Ace of Games and all other affiliates assume no responsibilty for any Gambling, Raffles or any other infraction as per the AGCO “Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario” we also assume no responsibility for any damages or loss of items while in renters custody. Renters will be held responsible for such infractions and required to pay the replacement cost outlined in the “Replacement Cost and Terms of Use” form provided at time of rental.


A big part of our business is customer pick-up, we allow customers to come to our shop and pick up certain games and concessions for their event. Therefore we ask our customers to leave a rental deposit. We do this to ensure that we can maintain a high quality product for years to come for all our customers. Rental deposits are based on rental agreements and not a flat fee. Most deposits are between $50 – $500.  After returning the item, or if a staff pick up, the item will be inspected, if the item is in good condition, the rental deposit will be returned. Please contact us for more information on rental deposits.


We require all rentals and rental deposits to be paid for upon the rental agreement. We do this to ensure the proper rentals are reserved for your important event and not rented out to other parties. We accept many forms of payment including Visa, MasterCard, E Transfers, PayPal and of course Cash.

Replacement Costs

These games and concessions are very expensive, and sometimes cost more to fix then replace. Therefore if our rentals return damaged beyond repair, stained or just dont return at all, we require the renter to pay the replacement cost of the items. We do this to ensure the product we rent out is of the highest quality and remains that way for all of our customers. Replacement costs are outlined in the rental agreement.

Delivery Services

As mentioned above, some of our games are very large and expensive, for these games only we do not offer pickup. instead we will deliver them to your event for a small fee. Its nice knowing that on that busy day you dont have to run around picking up certain things, just leave the work to us and we will deliver (no pun intended).

Placing an Order

You can place an order at any time. we have many different ways to contact us. you can contact us by phone at 905-541-2838, by email at or by filling out our form on the contact us page.

Changing or Cancelling an Order

We understand that people want to change certain things at the last moment. We will do our best to accommodate our renters all based on availability.

If you require a cancellation. We will make every attempt to setup another date within the calendar year provided that your items are available. Your paid amount will transfer over to the new date. Rentals are non refundable.

Customer Pick Up/Drop Off

Our games and Concessions are under high demand from February to November and are rented out most weekends. If you have an event planned on a Saturday there is a good chance that the item you are renting was rented out the night before. Therefore we ask all of our customers to pickup their items the day of your event unless informed otherwise. Customer drop off must be done on the day outlined in the rental agreement. If by any reason you can not return the items at the scheduled time please contact us and we will try to accommodate you.